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In these times of worry regarding COVID-19, we want to reassure our customer and our community that our services include disinfection as well as cleaning.

Disinfection kills germs on surfaces after cleaning and lowers the risk of spreading infections. We use chemicals recommended by CDC.

Please contact us if you would like us to provide this service

Who we are


Andrew Rees

Lyndon & Luna

Andrew Rees

Born in Wales, UK, Andy is a Royal Air Force veteran, with over 26 years of service, and owner of an Air BnB business in Chicago that has over 295 5-star reviews.

Andy's passion for home treatments started early and was influenced by his role as a Medic in the British Royal Air Force, where organization and cleanliness made an impact in healing the wounded and hurt.

Andy is very passionate about hospitality realizing his long term dream of owning a B&B in 2018 in Chicago. Check his reviews Andy's Bed & Breakfast on Air BnB.


Yuri Gascon

Lyndon & Luna

Andrew Rees

 Yuri is originally from Spain, has lived in 7 countries and has worked extensively in all continents. His expertise is in marketing and market research with over 25 years experience.  

Travels allowed him to notice how varied the standards of home treatments are across the globe.

He is passionate about meditation and balance. Yuri comes from a large, very messy family, which triggered his passion for organizing and cleaning from an early age. 


Lyndon & Luna

Lyndon & Luna

Lyndon & Luna

Andrew and Yuri are animal lovers and have 2 gorgeous English Bulldogs: Lyndon, 4 years old, and Luna, 15 months old.

They are possibly the most famous dogs on Air BnB. You can read what people who have stayed at Andrew's say about Lyndon & Luna.

If interested, cuddles and petting  are at no extra cost. 

Services Offered - OCP (Obsessive Compulsive People)

Services Offered for Air BnB, offices & other businesses


Regardless of the size of your home, a well organized environment will impact you emotionally and physically

 Allow us to help you turn your home into an organized oasis 

We can help you organize your spaces in an efficient manner so that at any time you can find what you want when you want it, regardless of what it is:

  • Carefully sort and categorize your personal effects
  • Suggest what to donate while preserving what you love
  • Use the organizing supplies you own and agree with you on purchasing new ones if needed
  • In places like the garage or crawlspace, we store and label items making the most of the space available 

 Typically, these are the items and areas that require organizing.

Garments & Laundry

  • Closets & drawers
  • Towels, bedding


  • Pantry and fridge organization
  • Disposal of expired products


  • Home offices 
  • Bathrooms
  • Book shelves
  • Play rooms
  • Garage
  • Storage areas

Organizing Price List



Squeaky Clean

  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Removal of cobwebs
  • Making beds
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Loading dishwasher / washing up dishes
  • Disposing of trash & recycling 



In addition to Squeaky clean:

  • Lamps, light fixtures and fittings, sockets & switches
  • Spot cleaning of walls as required
  • Baseboards & doors
  • Window treatments
  • Towel & bedding change
  • Sofa vacuuming and wiping down
  • Furniture polishing 



In addition to Spotless:

  • Inside kitchen cabinets, stove, fridge & oven
  • Sanitizing kitchen tiles
  • Windows and window frames (outside depending on accessibility) 
  • Bathroom sanitizing & lime scale removal
  • Vacuuming of mattresses and laundering of mattress and pillow protectors
  • Carpet shampooing / wood floor polishing
  • Sofa cushions and covers laundered
  • Deep cleaning of lamps/fixtures

Cleaning Price List

Cleaning & Organizing additional services and prices


​In addition, we also offer independent treatments any time

EXTERIOR cleaning

  • Patio, balcony & porch $40 per hour
  • BBQ $40 per hour
  • House main entry $40 per hour
  • Garage (interior or exterior) $40 per hour

INTERIOR cleaning


  • Behind the scenes cleaning (TV, laptop, gaming consoles, heavy furniture, fridge, etc.) $25 per hour
  • Glassware & silverware polishing $20 per hour
  • Laundering of pet bedding & sanitizing of pet area $40 per hour
  • Laundry (wash, dry, fold) - $2 per pound + $7 service fee
  • Dry cleaning – delivery & pick up $7 (+cost of items)
  • Ironing - $2 per clothing item / $4 per curtains (service fee may apply)
  • Freezer defrosting & cleaning $20 per hour

 LIFESTYLE cleaning

  • Move in / out 
  • Preparation for open house / sales
  • Home events (parties, receptions, etc.) cleaning before & after ​

Priced upon request


 When you need to sort and dispose of  belongings following separation/divorce, loss of loved ones or any other life changing event. 

Priced upon request

Purifying & Cleansing


Cleansing your home is a good way to fill it with fresh & light energy. Stress, problems, quarreling, negativity often leave our homes with stagnant and heavy energy making us feel anxious, exhausted, and irritable.

Cleansing purifies the environment you are in and it is particularly beneficial anytime we want to start afresh.

The energy you want to foster in your home (a sense of protection, stress-relief, grounding, casting out darkness, etc.) will help you in all areas of your life and nurture a sense of peace and restfulness.


We offer the following services to bring fresh and light energy into your home:


  • Saging / smudging
  • Aromatherapy
  • Green plants to lift heavy energy
  • Rearrange rooms for better flow
  • Prayers


 Priced upon personal meeting 

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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